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January pics


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Part time job

We are currently looking for a part time worker for lunch and diner time on weekdays and the weekend. If you want to earn some extra cash, brush up your English and work at a fun place, come and join our team. When you are hard-working, flexible and have a positive attitude, please contact us for more details and a interview. (don`t worry, the interview is in Japanese)

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As you might have noticed, the parking area in front of the restaurant is often full. When you can`t find a spot, please notify us and we`ll try and help you find one. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Lunch menu

This week I have to decide the lunch menu for February so the last few days I have been trying some new things.  I have already decided the bread dish. It`s going to be a panini roll with fried fish, salad, garlic mayonnaise and some fries on the side. Im thinking about using the sweet and sour pork BBQ kebabs from the evening menu served on some kimchi fried rice. And for the fish dish I might choose steamed white fish and salmon with boiled butter/parsley potatoes, but what sauce??? Have to figure that out soon. Anyway, in a few days I`ll post some pics with the final dishes. Come and chech them out. So, Don`t  forget, you`ll have only a few more days to try the January lunch menu (chicken leg from the oven, mie goreng or the graved lax galette). This menu runs until February first. The February menu starts on Thursday the third.

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This week  we have a special beer at Bondiya besides the regular assortiment (Asahi super dry, Heineken and Corona). Grolsch is the name of this tasty, Dutch beer. Grolsch is the second biggest brewer in Holland and located near my hometown. I grew up drinking these half liter bottles and it is still my favorite beer in the world. I hope you`ll enjoy it as much as I do. A bottle of Grolsch at Bondiya costs 870 yen for 450 ml in a very cool flip top bottle. Cheers.

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Happy birthday

Chiekos BD

Happy birthday Chieko. Hope you had a good time and enjoyed the food.

When you are interested in having a birthday party or any other party at Bondiya, please give us a call and we ll try to meet your needs.

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Today is our day off and we had quite a relaxing day. We went for lunch at the new Jyabrow restaurant. The food isnt really worth to mention but the interior and atmosphere are very nice. Check it out some time. We had a nice family dinner at home today and Eriko and I are on our second bottle of white at the moment. We chose the Logan Chardonnay that is on the menu in Bondiya.

Logan Chardonnay

This is still one of my favorite wines at the moment. Great taste, reasonable price. It has the aroma of peach, pear and lemon and has a nice mineral finish. This wine is fantastic with fish or white meats.

drinking or tasting???

https://www.loganwines.com.au/flash_content.html    Check out the website for Logan wines and come and try some of this amazing Australian wine.

We sell a bottle of Logan Apple tree flat at Bondiya for only 2290 yen.

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