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At Bondiya, I am using only fresh products and I make everything fresh on a daily base. Gnocchi is on of the most popular dishes at Bondiya. Gnocchi are from the Italian kitchen but not as well-known as pizza and pasta. Perhaps they arent as popular nowadays because it takes quite a lot of work and preparation to make these soft potato cushions. I have tried many different kinds of gnocchi, for example with squid ink, spinach or tomato, but I think plain gnocchi with a simple tomato sauce are still the best.

Here I`ll show you how to make gnocchi.

1. Boil potatoes until cooked

2.Mix with cream, butter, eggs, flour and Parmesan cheese.

Mix all ingredients

3.Prepare a big pan boiling water, a bowl of ice water and several trays.

4.Put the potato mixture in a piping bag with a straight mouth.

Tha piping bag

5.Squeeze the bag so a sausage like drol comes out and cut these with scissors into the boiling water.

Cut over the boilng water


6. When the cushions come floating up, scoop them out into the ice water.

Eriko in action

7. When the gnocchi are cooled down, place the on trays and drizzle some olive oil over them so they wont stick. You can also freeze a part for later.

8. Make a simple tomato sauce. (Fresh or canned tomatoes, chopped onion, chopped garlic, dried oregano, red wine and some sugar).

9. Chop some fresh basil, grate some Parmesan cheese, clean a few shrimps.

10. Boil the gnocchi once again to heat up (only to heat up), warm up the tomato sc and sautee the shrimps with garlic.

11. Add the hot gnocchi to the hot sauce, place in a plate, add the garlic shrimps on top, finish with the basil and Parmesan

Gnocchi Bondiya style

At portion of Gnocchi at Bondiya is 990 yen. This dish goes excellent with a cool, crisp Chardonnay. A bottle of Australian Chardonnay is 2290 yen or a glass of white house wine is just 480 yen.


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Gaia art gallery is a very interesting gallery in the center of Amsterdam with beautiful art. The 2 artists producing their paintings there are Maui Reple and Harry van Gestel and my old time friends from my crazy days in Amsterdam. When we opened Bondiya last year, we were given this painting by Gaia art gallery for the opening.

We have 2 more paintings at home.

If you want to find out more about Gaia, their paintings, profiles and prices,check out the following websites

http://gaiagallery.wordpress.com/  or



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Here is another of our popular drinks, Makori. Makori is a sake with bubbles and still some residu from the brewing process. It comes chilled in a bottle and you have to shake it lightly so the residu mixes with the rest of the liquid. From this week we`ll have temporaraly a new version of Makori: Makori yuzu, a common citrus fruit here in Japan. This refreshing new sake has all the good from the normal makori plus a nice yuzu flavor. It goes really well with spicy food. We suggest a bottle of makori yuzu with the Thai spicy beef salad. A bottle of makori is 700 yen at Bondiya. Next time you are there, try one. Kampai.


Spicy Thai beef salad

The Spicy Thai beef salad costs 890 yen at Bondiya

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Valentines day

Valentines day is always a special day for everyone, so it is for me, because it`s my coming-to-Japan-day-anniversary. 9 years ago I landed on (the old) Nagoya airport. Eriko and I have a horrible story about that day, but that some other time. This year, we had snow on Valentines day. A lot of snow. It was beautiful. The second time in 1 week. Unfortunately, when it snows or storms, we dont have many customers, but last Monday was different. Ok, it wasnt the busiest day ever, but we could welcome some of our regular guests. Thanks for coming out in the snow, guys. We also met a very nice couple from the Chech republic who accidentally walked into Bondiya. We ended up talking until 3:00 am.

Of course, Tiara had to make some chocolate things for her friends and boyfriend (???). After 10 minutes we were all covered in cocoa powder. Tiara made 7 sets of chocolate truffles. They were very good. Next year again.

Valentines fun

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Snow in Ise

Yes, there was (is still some) snow in Ise today. It has been a while, but finally some snow again. I love the white landscape and the silence of a snowcovered town. Tiara, Skye and me played in the snow this morning before heading to work. Today was a national holiday, so the kids were off and they played all morning until they came in half frozen.

The Kusu family dropped in for lunch today.

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La planete

On Wednesday (our day off) we often go out for dinner. Last Wednesday we visited my friend Noro`s restaurant in Matsuzaka. We used to work together at Bon Vivant a few years ago and he started his restaurant last year as well. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Noro`s wife is a very nice lady, as well. When you are in Matsuzaka, check out their place some time.

Eriko, Tiara, Skye and a duck leg

The hosts

La Planete

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