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We still have the images of the devastating waves burned in our memories and we are daily confronted in the news of the biggest natural disaster ever here in Japan. Everywhere in the world, people are collecting money or are supporting in different ways. My aunt folded 1000 origami cranes in Holland. My friends son, Owen Boesveld, collected pet bottles for the refund money and donated this to a charity. Great work. My daughter, Tiara, got inspired by this and came up with the idea to paint stones and sell them at Bondiya and for the change they get when people pay. So, that`s what we did. We bought some paint, collected 100 rocks at the Miyagawa river and started to have some fun. Skye, Rinka and Suzune came to help.

So, next time when you are at Bondiya, have a look at these artistic stones and if you can spare some change, put it in our collection box. All money collected by selling these stones and all gifts will go to the red cross. We will keep you updated in the next few weeks about the amount.

Thanks a lot.


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New wine

Every 2/3 months I have to stock up on the wine and a few days ago I ordered about 150 bottles of wine. They came in today and I felt like a little kid in a candy store. In a previous post I wrote about my “wine cellar” and now it is all filled up again. Most of the bottles are house wine and they didnt change from before. We are going to have a few adjustments to the menu in a few weeks and on this new menu we`ll have a new, very exciting red wine. Also the mini bottles of sparkeling wine (190 ml) are different from before and there will be several bottles on the black board in the restaurant. Most of the blackboard wines are not really on stock. I usually order just 2 or 3 bottles of a wine I think our guests will like and try one for myself. At the moment (March 22) we have 5 blackboard wines but from everyone of them just a bottle or 2. You can always ask about the wines served at Bondiya or if we have something special available.

New wines

It was my birthday last week and from Erikos parents I got some money for a gift. I spent all this money on just one really nice bottle of Australian Riesling. It`s sitting in my fridge at home and I`m looking forward drinking it soon. This wine is too expensive to put on the menu, I think, but what do you think? Most wines are reasonably priced with prices between 1690 yen and about 2400 yen per bottle with a few more expensive options on the blackboard. Do you think we should have a few really good, more expensive wines on the menu (for special occasions)? I`m talking about 4, 5, 6 thousand yen per bottle. Let me know for my next wine order. You can always leave (anonymous) suggestions on the blog or bondiya.ise@gmail.com

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Graduation lunch

Last Monday, we had a group of students from Y`s laboratory for lunch. They all  graduated from their junior high school or high school and came with their teachers (Yuka and Kazumi) for lunch to celebrate this important event in their lives. We at Bondiya congratulate them all and hope they will keep doing their best at their next schools and keep studying English hard.

Y`s graduates 2011

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Shots and chasers

When you have something to celebrate, or just want to get drunk, order a shot. At Bondiya we have Tequila, Wodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey and Dutch jenever shots on the menu. A shot is 520 yen.

Last weekend, Paul celebrated his birthday with a few shots and chased them with beers.

Dan and Paul

This was the beginning of a long evening and later eriko and I joined them for some more shots and beers. It was a fun evening (from what I remember)

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Today, Mutsumi came for lunch with four of her students and Yumi joined them too.  Good luck to you at your schools, ladies.

Lunch March 17th

Most of the ladies ate the chicken sate. Very popular. Come and try for yourself.

Chicken sate / lunch menu March 2011

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Last weekend Yumiko (on of our part-time workers) got married to Yuki. We at Bondiya congratulate them and wish them a happy and long marriage.

Yumiko and Yuki

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So far the earthquake and tsunami haven`t really affected us (fortunately) but the last few days we are getting a better idea how big this disaster is and how it will even affect us. For example, the complete oyster farm bussiness along the Pacific coast is destroyed, so this winter only very expensive oysters. The same for scallops, one of the most popular dishes on the Bondiya menu. There are still scallops available but the price will slowly go up and the availability will be irregular. Also, the Heineken beer distributer, Kirin, had it`s Sendai stock and brewery copletely destroyed, which means Heineken beer might be out of stock in a few weeks. We apologize for not having certain items on the menu in the next few weeks/months.

At the moment, oysters, scallops and Heineken are still available.

Oysters, 990 yen

"Momotori" oysters with garlic mayonaisse

Scallops with saffron sauce, 990 yen

Scallops in saffron sauce

Heineken, 500 yen


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