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Here a picture of my son, Skye, earning his pocketmoney by lighting the candles just before opening time at night.

Skye and the candles


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Today a new shipment of Parmesan cheese came in. 3 kg to be exactly. This great dry Italian cheese is still one of my favorites and we use quite a lot of it in the Bondiya lunch and dinner menu. check out this link for more info on Parmesan.


In Japan, Parmesan and basicly all other cheeses are very expensive and difficult to buy, unfortunatly, because it is one of my favorite foods. I will always stay Dutch which means, I need cheese. So, today I felt like a king with 3 kg of Parmesan in my fridge.


At the moment, there are 2 dishes with Parmesan. The first one is the seafood risotto. Rice slowly cooked in a delicous Bouillabaise based stock and rich with seafood and vegetables, covered with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Just 990 yen at Bondiya.


Secondly, we have the gnocchi. These homemade potato cushions are served with a sweet tomato sauce and some garlic shrimps, with freshly chopped basil leaves and grated Parmesan cheese. One of my personal favorites. Just 990 yen.


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Wednesday English class

Yesterday, (Sunday), we had my old Wednesday afternoon English class for dinner at Bondiya. It was good to see everyone again. I still remember those classes and it was always one of the most enjoyable classes at y’s (of course there were many other fun classes,too). Hope to see you all soon again, ladies.

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In a bit over a month, Bondiya will be open for 1 year. On the 5th of June to be exact, we will be celebrating our first year of hard work, hot kitchens and hundreds of great memories. We want to thank you for coming and make it all happen, so in that week of our anniversary, some special events are planned. Soon more about this on the blog and in Bondiya.

Also, in July we will have a special wine tasting festival/event. Loads of different wines in all price ranges for you to taste with some special dishes only for that weekend. We are planning the details at the moment, but when more information is available, we will keep you up to date.

Keep reading these posts in the next few weeks.

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Our friends Hiroyuki and Rie Koide opened their new restaurant last Sunday. It’s called Home+ and is on the way to Naiku. They live upstairs and the ground floor is their restaurant. I am a bit jealous on Hiroyukis beautiful new kitchen. It’s so big compared to Bondiya.

Last Wednesday, Eriko and I went there for lunch. We had the 1900 yen lunch menu with a salad, soup and I had the fish dish and Eriko the meat dish. Eriko had a home made appletizer and I had a nice glass white wine. We finished with a dessert and coffee. It was really nice and delicious. I will post the adress,etc later because I don’t have that info here yet.

When you want to have an excellent  lunch, Go to Bondiya. When you want to have a good lunch, check out this new restaurant, Home+.

Fish at Home+

Spare ribs

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44.610 yen

This week we “sold” Tiaras last stones to raise money for the tsunami and earthquake victims. She (together with Skye, Rinka and Suzune) painted 120 stones and collected 34.610 yen with this. Bondiya put another 10.000 on top of that, so we sent 44.610 yen to the Japanese Red cross. Thank you all for your donations.

post office receipt

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Every now and then, we change the unpopular dishes or out of season dishes for a few new ones. From this week we’ll have 2 new dishes on the menu replacing the oysters and barbeque pork kebabs.

The first dish is oven grilled whole shrimps with garlic served with aioli. One serving has 8 half shrimps and matches the white housewine very well. Just 990 yen.

The other dish is a typical Dutch dish called “Gehakt schotel”. Mashed potatoes with mince and melted cheese on top out of the oven. Very hot, very delicious.

The gehakt schotel is 890 yen.

Gehakt schotel

Come and try these dishes at Bondiya. (from this weekend).

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