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Next month we are in the Simple magazine again with an advertisement. Our friend Mai came to take some pictures and info. Buy the next edition of Simple and check us out.

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At Bondiya we have quite a few different wines available. Of course we have the very nice house wines for a reasonable price. 500 yen for a glass of red or white and only 1790 yen for a full bottle. Besides this we have a red, white, sparkeling rose and mini bottle sparkeling always available on the normal drink menu (per bottle). But we always have the blackboard wine list as well and here we have 4 or 5 wines (per bottle) with only a limited amount of bottles. We decided to put all the wines we have available on the counter with price tag so it is easier to choose the bottle you like. If you have any questions about the wines or any other drinks, please ask us and we can give you a professional recommendation.

Wine on the counter

It is getting hotter and hotter and more humid every day. The Japanese summer is not far away. The nights are long and hot. Come and cool down at Bondiya for example with this really nice, chilled and definitely one of my favorites at the moment,

Rose is summer. heaven

This bottle of rose wine from the Bordeaux region is a great way to cool down and cheap as well. In these summer months available for the same price as our usual house wines, 1790 yen per bottle. Come and try for your self.

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It’s official. We are open for more than a year now. The 2 special celebration dinners are over and were very succesful. Monday was quite busy but Thursday was crazy. Thank you all for coming, for your congratulations and for the numerous presents. We hope to see you all often again the next year at Bondiya. Here a few pics from your gifts. Thanks a lot.

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Tomorrow, Bondiya will be open for 1 year. We will be celebrating our first year of hard work, hot kitchens and hundreds of great memories. We want to thank you for coming and make it all happen.

On June 6th (Monday) and June 9th (Thursday) all drinks are 50% off and all food 30% off.

This great offer has a few details you should check out.

Opening times: 17:30 until 00:00 (23:30 L.O.)

All drinks are 50% off, except wines (bottles)(house wine by the glass is available for half price).

This offer is not available at lunch time. We serve the usual lunch.

We expect quite a few people, so unfortunately, these 2 evenings reservations are not available. There might be a waiting time.

This offer is only available for 2 hours per table from the moment the first order is made. After 2 hours, prices go back to normal.

During these evenings, photos might be taken for promotional purposes and this blog. If you don’t want your photos to be published, please notify us that evening.

We hope that you, as our highly appreciated guests, help us spreading the word and introduce us to your friends and families and take this special occasion to bring new people to Bondiya.

Thank you and we hope to see you on either the 6th or 9th (or sooner).

Pim and Eriko

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