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Last Tuesday night it was party again. I first had dinner at Sachimaru, the isagaya (Japanese pub) near Bondiya. After a nice plate with “kochi”sashimi, I had tempura and vinagerd vegetables and horsemackerel. It was really good and I had a very nice chat with the owners. Of course accompanied by a few cold beers. They have a 7 week summer special with the beer only 390 yen per glass.

Tempura at Sachimaru

After a short break home, I went to Lakota, a bar in the yomise area with Nagachi. The owner, Saori,

Saori from Lakota

is very nice and we had wine, beer, whiskey and some snacks. It was fun.
After that we went to Daruma to finish the night, but sorry, no pictures available.

So, A few names you should remember when you go out in Ise:
Sachimaru: Tempura, beer and great owners.
Lakota: Beer, wine and fun.
Daruma: For when you still can walk. Nice staff, young clientele.


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Last week there was another typhoon in the area. Dropped loads of rain and again, the back storage room at Bondiya was flooded with about 3 cm water. Scary when you have a freezer 2 cm from the floor. Everything turned out Ok, and we went to have a look at the river. Usually, Skye and I practice football here, but now all covered in fast streaming mud-water.

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With the biggest summer event in Ise behind us, (the Ise fire works festival), we now can get really ready for summer. The school holidays will start this Wednesday, so we have planned several “summer activities” for the next 7 Wednesdays. Beach, river, pools and bbqs. Beer, wine, gazpacho and grilled scallops. I’m ready for summer.
Here are a few pics from this week.

A cute little fire fly close to my old house in the rice field. There were hundreds that evening and my kids caught several.

We were open at Bondiya on Saturdaynight during the fire works festival, but I managed to sneak out for a bit and I had a look on top of the pedestrian bridge over route 23. Not the best view.
Check out this link for a better view. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjfit207PmQ

A lot of people are leaving this week. Good luck to you all, and thanks for the great memories. Come back to Ise some time.

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Fish of the day

Just took this picture this week. I used these Manaji or he-dai for the fish of the day last week. The great thing about Japan is all the fresh fish.
Come and try the fish of the day with ratatouille, roast potatoes and a tasty paprika salsa for 990 yen (be careful, this dish is quite big in volume, can you eat it all).

Fish of the day

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Like I wrote in a previous post, it’s so hot. Still, after almost 10 years in Japan, I’m still not used to the heat in summer. In Holland, when it is hot, at least it cooles down in the evening, but here it’s hot all the time. The good thing about the summer is all the activities. Our kids will have summer holiday soon, so on our days off, we have already planned several “summer activities”. Beach, river, pools and barbeques, but as well a short trip to Kobe. The Ise fireworks festival is this weekend as well. Always, this time of year, there are several good-bye parties for some foreigners and several birthday parties. So, for example, there was Matt’s birthday party last Saturday night. He had a few shots and beers at Bondiya and later we continued the night elsewhere.

Happy birthday, Matt

This week, a new order of wine arrived and we have a few very interesting new choices on the wine list. For example, an excellent fruity sauvignon blanc from the Marlbourough area in New Zealand. Eriko and I just had a bottle last night and this is the perfect wine for a hot sweaty night. We serve this nice chilled white wine for just 2990 yen. Also, a recommended red wine at Bondiya is this nice “cotes du bourg” wine from the Bordeaux area. The aromas of black fruits and vanilla suit red meat very well. Try this wine in combination with the duck or steak at Bondiya. A full bottle is just 2400 yen. Come and try them before they are gone.

new wines

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At Bondiya, we have all kinds of alcoholic beverages (and non-alcoholic, too). Wine. beer, shochu, sake, cocktails, shots, spirits and…… umeshu. This sweet liquer made of ume (sort of plum) is very popular at the moment. We have the baba brand with 3 different tastes. This brand has 13 differtent ume shu producers from all over Japan and every 3 months they come with a new flavor. At Bondiya we have Rosemary, normal ume and lemon available. Green, red and yellow. You can drink them either straight, on the rocks or mixed with soda or water. Come and try them all at Bondiya. I don’t really like ume-shu, but these are definitely worth trying.

Baba umeshu

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