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The end of the year is getting closer and closer. 2 more months and it is already 2012. As usual, we will have the osechi boxes available and they are on sale from this week. There are 2 boxes in 1 set. 1 filled with meat dishes and the other with fish dishes. We made a few changes from last year. A few of the most popular dishes are the honey roast duck, wagyu beef, homemade smoked chicken, coppa ham, pork fillet in mushroom sauce and of course the filled eggs. Some of the best dishes out of the fish box are, Tartar, graved lax, grilled tuna and scallops and new this year, sauteed snapper (madai) and shrimp fritters.
An osechi box set is 13.500 yen and ready to pick up at Bondiya on December 31st between 16:30 and 22:00. We will have wine bottles available that day, so you can accompany your osechi with some delicious wine. To order the Bondiya osechi boxes, please fill out the order sheet available at Bondiya or Y’s laboratory, or send us an e-mail on bondiya.ise@gmail.com , on our facebook page or call 0596-291-168. Orders are taken until December 10th and only 30 sets are available.
If you have any questions, please contact us. We hope to see you soon for that order sheet.
Enjoy the last weeks of the year.


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We just made a new wine list with almost all of the Bondiya wines, in the menu, so it will be easier to see what is available and in what price range. We are selling a few older wines from stock and make room for new names. Check out the new list and try a glass or bottle. Here are some of our personal favorites.

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Ise festival

Wow, that was a busy weekend. I’m still recovering from it. It was hard work, not much sleep but a lot of fun. The Ise festival 2011 is finished again.
Saturday was really bad with all that rain and it wasn’t busy at all. Sunday on the other hand, was very busy and loads of people were out. We had seafood skewers with herb mayonnaise and chicken sate both from a big grill. The first day we didn’t sell much but the second day almost all. Unfortunately, we had to leave the festival at 4:00 to get ready for dinner at Bondiya and Sunday at around 3:00 we still had about 120 skewers left, so we decided to do these for half price. They were gone in 3 minutes.
We shared the stand with Aoki sake and thet served beer and soft drinks. It was a lot of fun with them and of course we had a few beers as well. Our children had a good time as well. They came back with all kinds of toys, snacks, candy and drinks and they met a lot of their friends and so did we. Eriko and I could finally enjoy the whole day and see all the floats coming by, dancers, flag wavers, hot girls with drums, a lot of friends and other aqaintences. It was a great weekend (besides the rain). Next year again. Thank you all for coming to our shop and we hope to see you again next year or at Bondiya.

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Saturday and Sunday, Bondiya will have a stand at the “omatsuri” in Ise together with Aoki sake. We will be cooking chicken sate and seafood skewers with herb mayo. 1 skewer is 200 yen. Aoki san serves beer from the tap and all kinds of soft drinks. Our stand will be between the Ise station exit of shimichi and Lawson on the paid parking area. Drop by for a drink and a bite or just for a chat. We hope to see you between 9 and 4.
The restaurant is open only for dinner time with the usual opening times (from 18:00 to 00:00). So, we are closed for Saturday (always closed) and Sunday lunch.

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A few weeks ago it was Sean’s birthday and he had 2 parties on 2 different days at Bondiya. Happy birthday, sir. Both days ended with quite a few beers and karaoke. I’m already looking forward to your next birthday.
Here also some random food pictures I took.

Last Tuesday, it was Tomomi and Ryota’s wedding. We used to work together in Bon Vivant and Ryota was one of my first Japanese friends when I came to Ise in 2002. Both Tomomi and Ryota worked for years at Bondiya and Ryota now produces salt that he sells all over Japan. This “homemade” seasalt is prepared in a traditional way and will soon be available at Bondiya, with more details about it as well.
The wedding party was at Bout-en-train and all the old staff from Bon Vivant was there. It was great to see everybody again and catch up. Some people totally changed their proffesion, but most of them are still working in restaurants. Ryota and Tomomi, congratulations and a lot of love.
After the party and loads of good wine, we had a third party at Poni anela, the wine bar close to Geku shrine (community doro) on the second floor. Miho san has a nice selection of wines and her place has a great atmosphere. We had 2 more bottles there before heading home.

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Since we opened Bondiya last year, we became pretty close to the Fullbari people. They often come for a chat and a drink to Bondiya after work and we sometimes have some curry take-out. (we have the same day off). But Fullbari will close soon and move to a new location. This is good for them of course, but for us they will be far away and it will be difficult to drop by quickly. Fullbari will move to the area near Ise Jusco and they will open again on October the 20th. Please check out their new place and order some of that delicious naan and curry.

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This month we’ll have Vichisoise (cold potato soup) or a carrot/curry soup and a choice ofthe following 3 dishes as main dish.

Grilled pork fillet with "German potatoes" and red wine sauce


Couscous with ratatouille and seafood.


A hamburger on Panini bread with cocktail sauce and fries.

The lunch menu is 1150 yen (starter plate with soup and 1 main dish)
An extra 200 yen for coffee or tea and ice-cream.
Lunch is from 11:30 until (Last order) 13:30.
Open for lunch on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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