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At the moment we have a few specials besides the normal menu.
-Creamy pumpkin soup (also on the lunch menu starter plate in December) for 590 yen .
-Fried Momotori oysters with a cabbage salad and garlic mayonnaise for 990 yen.
-Grolsch beer, beer from my hometown in a cool flip top 450 ml bottle. Probably the best beer in the world, for 840 yen.


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On the far end of the Bondiya “tennant” building is Kanihisa. A restaurant that is specialised in crab dishes for more than 20 years. Their food is amazing and the owners are very nice. Crab is always an expensive product so dinner is a bit pricy, but the lunch set is very reasonable. We had tempura crab legs on rice accompanied by several small dishes with crab for just 1690 yen. Check it out some time.

Just after lunch, the meat delivery guy came to bring the weekly beef order. At Bondiya we use beef fillet steaks from Tasmania. They are a bit juicier and more tender than the usual Australian beef fillet. They are a bit more expensive, but taste excellent. At Bondiya, a steak with fries and garlic/soy sauce is 1200 yen and goes very good with a glass of red house wine (500 yen per glass or 1790 per bottle).

Steak and fries

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Last week, we took a few days off and went to Tokyo with our kids. We left on Monday night after closing time and arrived in Tokyo early Tuesday morning. We spent that day at Disneysea and the kids loved it. I was just very tired because I only slept a few hours. It was really busy and had to wait several hours for all the attractions. Later, we had dinner in a nice Mexican restaurant in Odaiba. On Wednesday we had to get up early again to go to the Nature and Science museum in Ueno. That was very interesting. We had lunch with our friends Michael, Eri and Akemi in a very nice cafe near Shinjuku and it was great catching up with them. After that, some shopping in Harajuku and back to Odaiba for dinner with some other friends in an Italian restaurant. That was great fun and excellent view over the Tokyo skyline. Thursday, after a big breakfast, we headed to Costco, a big American supermarket, and we got all kinds of stuff we usually can’t get in Ise. Oils, Mozarella, Parmesan, Dr. pepper, candy, chips and several other items, both for Bondiya and for at home. When we got back to Ise in the beginning of the evening, we were all very tired, but it was a great trip.

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Normal opening times Bondiya;
Lunch; Thu, Fri ,Sun, Mon, Tue from 11:30 until (L.O.) 13:30
Dinner; Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, from 18:00 until (L.O.) 23:30

!!November 22 (Tue), 23 (Wed), and 23 (Thu) we are CLOSED!!
!!December 27 (Tue), 28 (Wed), OPEN!!
!!December 30 (Fri), 31 (Sat) and January 1 (Sun), CLOSED (osechi)!!
!!January 2 (Mon), 3 (Tue) Lunch closed, Dinner OPEN!!

If you are planning a bonenkai, Christmas party or any other event, please make a reservation. Call 0596-29-1168.
We have special private party rates including nomihoudai and food. Please contact us for more details.

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Updating the windows

Yes, we have to update our windows sometimes. We have the very nice colored “shoji” (rice paper shades) in front of the windows at Bondiya. They give the warm atmosphere and color to your lunch and are unique here in Ise. But, unfortunately, they are very weak and get dirty soon and kids really seem to like sticking their little fingers thru the paper. Last week we decided to replace a few. We just finished a set, when I accidentally broke the new shoji and we had to start all over again. Eriko wasn’t very happy about that. When we were finished, we realized that there is a bit of a color difference. Next time we have to do them all instead of just a few. Luckily you can’t see it at dinner time.

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It is November but still really nice weather. Not too hot and not too cold. I caught a cold last week but now I am all genki again. At the moment it is, like many other places, a bit quite at Bondiya. Everybody is saving up for December, I guess. Of course this isn’t very good for bussines, but now I can finally do some things I didn’t have time for before, like cleaning some things really well, thinking of new lunch menus and dinner items and some paperwork. As well I started to make order sheets for the osechi boxes. We sold quite a few already, so if you want to order a box, don’t wait too long. We only do 30 boxes this year.
Today is also the Japanese Beaujoulais day. We bought a bottle, but we didn’t drink it yet. Maybe tomorrow.
We hope to see you all soon at Bondiya either in November or December.

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This month we’ll have carrot/curry soup or cabbage/milk soup to choose from accompanied by a fresh salad and 2 other starter dishes and these 3 dishes for main.
1. Dutch oven dish; mashed potatoes, spiced minced meat, eggplant and cheese, grilled in the oven. Nice on a cold afternoon.

Dutch "gehakt schotel"

2. The oyster season has started again. Fried oysters and fried fish of the day with a generous cabbage salad and garlic mayonnaise.

3. Panini bread with smoked chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato and herb mayonnaise.

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