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Firstly, we would like to remind you that the message in a bottle campaign is almost finished. You can use your coupon until the 15th of March, so if you still have a bottle at home, come and use it soon.

On March 7th, Eriko and I will go to the food expo in Tokyo with the Aoki’s (from aoki sake). This annual event brings together all people from the restaurant industry in an enormous convention center. You need 2 days just to see every stand just once. We will be looking at wines, imported ingredients for the kitchen and stuff for the interior. This means as well that we are closed for lunch on Thursday the 8th of March. Dinner we are open from 18:00.

On March 10th, there will be the Ise St.Patricks day parade from 11:00 in front of geku at the busstop area. We will be there for the parade as well and probably in the evening we’ll have a few pints with our Irish brothers.

March 17th, In the beginning of the evening there will be the annual graduation party from Y’s Laboratory. All students, congratulations and good luck at your new schools and new lifes.
Later in the evening (after 21:30), we’ll have a big party for Eriko and my (Pim)’s birthdays but also Toru san, Mutsumi, and several others, goodbyes for Allen and Chihiro and several other reasons to have a big party. Anyone is welcome and you don’t have to bring any presents or something. We hope to see you there.

Also, March has the beginning of spring with probably sakura and hanami, plus the school holiday is in the last weeks of March with everyone moving up another grade. We are looking forward to leaving this cold weather behind and move into warmer, sunnier weather.


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We changed a few items on the dinner menu and a few more will change in the next few weeks.
We now have a cured ham salad in 2 sizes with some fresh vegetables and an Italian dressing. The small sized salad is 590 yen and the big one is 790 yen
We have a new, cheaper version of the makori as well. Get a glass of makori for just 600 yen now.
Also, we changed some of the pictures and the codes for the dishes. In March we’ll have 2 more new dishes coming up, a dessert on the blackboard and a new fruit cocktail line. Come and check it all out at Bondiya.

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Bondiya is a place where different cultures come together and not just with our menu but in almost everything. That was kind of the idea when we started our restaurant almost 2 years ago. An international place where the atmosphere, food, staff, drinks and customers come together and create a unique feeling that you can’t experience elsewhere in Ise or even Mie-ken. We have a lot of customers from different nationalities but a lot of Japanese overseas travellers as well. We just had a few visits from our friend Kaori, who lives in Prague. She brought a very interesting bottle of Chech wine, some salami and sweets.

Also, Eiko, our friend for years and a sometimes part time worker at Bondiya, visited Spain and some of our friends. We asked her to buy some saffron (in Japan it is extremey expensive) and she came back with a big box.
Thanks Kaori and Eiko.

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No 3:
Smoked chicken salad, 790 yen.

Smoked chicken salad

No 2:
Ham salad, new at Bondiya, big plate 790 yen, small plate 590 yen.

No 1:
Nachos, 690 yen


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The next few weeks we’ll have Grolsch beer on the blackboard for just 840 yen. We had it before and was very popular, so we’ll have it on the menu again for a few weeks. Grolsch is a Dutch beer that is slightly more bitter than regular beers and comes in a cool re-closable bottle (450ml).
In the picture, Eriko just brings in a fresh case of Grolsch.
Also on special this month are the fried oysters. At the moment the oysters are big and juicy and served with the garlic mayonnaise and a cabbage salad, a very good extra dish to the normal menu. Excellent with a Grolsch beer. A plate with 6~8 fried oysters is 990 yen.
The soup for the month March is mustard soup. We had this on the lunch menu in February and was very popular. The Bondiya mustard soup isn’t spicy or sharp in taste, but is hearty and smooth. 590 yen for a (big) bowl.

Fried "Momotori" oysters

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From the 1st of February until the 9th, we were closed at Bondiya because I went back to my home country, the Netherlands, for a week. I hadn’t been back for almost 3 years and the main reason was to visit my Dutch family and friends. It was a very fast week with only 5 full days to enjoy, plus, it was the coldest week ever with -18 at night some days. But nevertheless, it was a great week and very much needed after December and everything that it brings with it.
I will post some pics, so you have an idea how Holland and the Dutch culture, food and people look like. If you have any questions, please post a comment.

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Grilled chicken with pumpkin pancakes and wine sauce.

Salmon, marinated in maplesyrup with a mizuna/tofu salad

Panini filled with fried fish, cabbage, garlic mayo and fries

Panini with fried fish, aioli and fries on the side.

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