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Golden week is coming up soon and here are our opening times.
Friday April 27 lunch and dinner
Saturday April 28 dinner only
Sunday April 29 (lunch private party) dinner only
Monday April 30 lunch and dinner
Tuesday May 1 lunch only
Wednesday May 2 dinner only
Thursday May 3 dinner only
Friday May 4 lunch and dinner only
Saturday May 5 dinner only
Sunday May 5 lunch and dinner
Monday May 6 normal opening times
Have a good holiday and we hope to see you at Bondiya.

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For April we have onion soup or tomato soup and 3 other small appetizers on the starter plate.
The 3 options for main dish are.
1. Nasi goreng with chicken sate (Both from the night menu)

2. Fish of the day sauteed with paprika salsa and spinach.

3.Shoarma in pita bread with garlic mayo.


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Number 3: Ham salad

Number 2: Nachos


Number 1: The soup of the month (March) was mustard soup and very popular.
No image available, sorry.

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Last Saturday (March 10th) was the annual Ise St.Patricks day parade again. This Irish festival is even celebrated here in Ise. Every year a lot of Irish and other nationalities dress up in green and other weird outfits and parade between Geku and Ise station. After this there is some dancing and Guinness beer drinking. This year, some of the participants had dinner at Bondiya and these parade goers always bring the right mood. Thanks guys. See you next year.

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Last week, Eriko and I went to the Japan Food expo in Tokyo in the Makuhari Messe. We left on Tuesday night by car and slept a bit in the morning. At 10:00 we met up with Aoki san, Bondiya’s alcohol delivery, and the first part of the day we strolled thru the Japan section. Every prefecture had it’s own area where food producers were promoting their products to exporters, wholesalers, restaurants, and other food industry people. It was very interesting to taste and see all these kind of products and we got loads of samples and leaflets. We are definitely use some of these ingredients. The second part of the day, we spent walking around the foreign products and different countries promotion stands. Here we could taste wine, beer, food, snacks and many other things. Eriko and I enjoyed tasting all kinds of wines. We met a lot of interesting people from many countries. At 3 we were exhausted and decided to go back. Next year again???

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