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It is November but still really nice weather. Not too hot and not too cold. I caught a cold last week but now I am all genki again. At the moment it is, like many other places, a bit quite at Bondiya. Everybody is saving up for December, I guess. Of course this isn’t very good for bussines, but now I can finally do some things I didn’t have time for before, like cleaning some things really well, thinking of new lunch menus and dinner items and some paperwork. As well I started to make order sheets for the osechi boxes. We sold quite a few already, so if you want to order a box, don’t wait too long. We only do 30 boxes this year.
Today is also the Japanese Beaujoulais day. We bought a bottle, but we didn’t drink it yet. Maybe tomorrow.
We hope to see you all soon at Bondiya either in November or December.

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Wine cellar

Every respectable restaurant should have a nice wine cellar or at least a nice place to store wine. Unfortunately, Bondiya is too small and we have no extra space at all to store even 30 bottles, let alone 100. So, I decided to build one at home. Last summer, a few months after we opened Bondiya, we moved to our new house, near Misono very and next to Erikos parents house. In the new house we have a nice, dark storage room for bbq stuff, beach stuff and of course, shoes (I still dont understand why women need that many shoes).I moved some stuff around, sat down to draw a basic idea and went to komeri to buy wood and nails. Back home, my son Skye and I started sawing, cutting, measuring and hammering on the new wine rack.


I tell you, it isnt easy to make everything fit perfectly. This isnt some ikea kit.

wine r......

After 3 hours of hard work, this is the result…..

wine rack

Done, now time to have a few glasses.

Bondiya`s "wine cellar" (at home)



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Beginning of the week

Wow, that was a long night. Not much longer in time, but it seems like this evening lasted much longer than usual. Today was the Japanese Beaujolais nouveau day and we had a few bottles as well for the customers. We already sold all the normal bottles and only have a few half bottles left. So come and try it soon. Of course we have several other wines as well that are a bit higher in quality than the beaujolais. Just ask. Tommorow, 8 kids and 7 mamas for lunch. Better go to bed now. Goodnight

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