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During this summer, we’ll have sangria on the menu. This Spanish summer drink is great to cool down a bit and slowly get drunk. Sangria is a mix of red wine, soda, sugar and loads of cut fruit. We serve sangria on the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) when it’s hot and sticky outside. A glass of “normal” sangria (low alcohol, approximately 3 or 4%) for 500 yen and with a shot of wodka for 600 yen. Don’t forget to eat the fruit.

Eriko made a new sign for outside with this months lunch menu on it, so you can check what we have before getting in and to let people know we have lunch available. Sometimes the parking area from Bondiya is full, but this doesn’t mean Bondiya is full, too. Please come in to check and we can help you find a parking spot as well. Our excuses for the inconvenience.

Lunch board

I found these cute little mustard jars with standard Dijon mustard, seed style mustard and cassis mustard. Great for on a sandwich, with some meat or a sausage. Only available until sold out for just 320 yen (25 gr)

320 yen for these cute mustard jars

Always nice, a note from a happy customer. When you have any comments or compliments, please leave a note and we’ll place it here on the blog.

Thank you

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