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The next few weeks we’ll have Grolsch beer on the blackboard for just 840 yen. We had it before and was very popular, so we’ll have it on the menu again for a few weeks. Grolsch is a Dutch beer that is slightly more bitter than regular beers and comes in a cool re-closable bottle (450ml).
In the picture, Eriko just brings in a fresh case of Grolsch.
Also on special this month are the fried oysters. At the moment the oysters are big and juicy and served with the garlic mayonnaise and a cabbage salad, a very good extra dish to the normal menu. Excellent with a Grolsch beer. A plate with 6~8 fried oysters is 990 yen.
The soup for the month March is mustard soup. We had this on the lunch menu in February and was very popular. The Bondiya mustard soup isn’t spicy or sharp in taste, but is hearty and smooth. 590 yen for a (big) bowl.

Fried "Momotori" oysters

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A very happy new year to all Bondiya customers, blog readers, suppliers and (former)staff. Thank you for making 2011 a successful year for us and we hope to see you again in 2012. 2011 was a quite a good year for Bondiya. We had our first holiday, 1 year anniversary, December,etc,etc and many great memories with all of our customers. I just recover from a little cold and lack of sleep. I guess December was quite crazy, but fun.
Enjoy the pics

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From next Thursday (December 15th), we’ll start a special campaign for the next few months. I can’t say too much about it yet, but it is going to be fun. We want to thank you, all our customers, for coming this year and wish you a merry Christmas and a good 2012. In a few days, more news on this blog or drop by at Bondiya.

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The Bondiya menu has fried spring rolls on the menu and today a look on how we make them. Actually, you can put in all kinds of filling and let your your creativity (or left over vegetables in the fridge) take control. Think about shrimp and spinach, or some left over “yakisoba”.
We put in mince, bean sprouts, onion, mushrooms and rice noodles. First cook all these ingredients in a big fry pan.

I always put sweet chilli sauce, sambal (spicy Indonesian sauce) and soy sauce. Let this all cook for a while and place the mixture in a sieve, so all the fat can leek out. Also, before rolling the rolls, make sure the filling mixture is cooled down.

Now, it is time for some rolling. Place a few spring roll sheets on a dry work top and brush the top 2 sides with some egg. Place a nice spoonful filling in the centre and fold the 2 corners on the left and right to the centre. Then, roll the sheet from bottom to top. Make sure the sheet is tight around the filling and there shouldn’t be any cracks or holes (they’ll explode in the fryer).
Place the on a tray with plastic foil in between and freeze them or fry them. Enjoy.

A portion of 2 fried spring rolls accompanied by some sweet chilli sauce is just 490 yen and is good as a beer snack.

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Fish of the day

Just took this picture this week. I used these Manaji or he-dai for the fish of the day last week. The great thing about Japan is all the fresh fish.
Come and try the fish of the day with ratatouille, roast potatoes and a tasty paprika salsa for 990 yen (be careful, this dish is quite big in volume, can you eat it all).

Fish of the day

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Just to remind you.

In a few weeks, Bondiya will be open for 1 year. On the 5th of June to be exact, we will be celebrating our first year of hard work, hot kitchens and hundreds of great memories. We want to thank you for coming and make it all happen, so in that week of our anniversary, we have this fantastic offer.

On June 6th (Monday) and June 9th (Thursday) all drinks are 50% off and all food 30% off.

This great offer has a few details you should check out.

Opening times: 17:30 until 00:00 (23:30 L.O.)

All drinks are 50% off, except wines (bottles)(house wine by the glass is available for half price).

This offer is not available at lunch time. We serve the usual lunch.

We expect quite a few people, so unfortunately, these 2 evenings reservations are not available. There might be a waiting time.

This offer is only available for 2 hours per table from the moment the first order is made. After 2 hours, prices go back to normal.

During these evenings, photos might be taken for promotional purposes and this blog. If you don’t want your photos to be published, please notify us that evening.

We hope that you, as our highly appreciated guests, help us spreading the word and introduce us to your friends and families and take this special occasion to bring new people to Bondiya.

Thank you and we hope to see you on either the 6th or 9th (or sooner).

Pim and Eriko

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