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From the 1st of February until the 9th, we were closed at Bondiya because I went back to my home country, the Netherlands, for a week. I hadn’t been back for almost 3 years and the main reason was to visit my Dutch family and friends. It was a very fast week with only 5 full days to enjoy, plus, it was the coldest week ever with -18 at night some days. But nevertheless, it was a great week and very much needed after December and everything that it brings with it.
I will post some pics, so you have an idea how Holland and the Dutch culture, food and people look like. If you have any questions, please post a comment.


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On the far end of the Bondiya “tennant” building is Kanihisa. A restaurant that is specialised in crab dishes for more than 20 years. Their food is amazing and the owners are very nice. Crab is always an expensive product so dinner is a bit pricy, but the lunch set is very reasonable. We had tempura crab legs on rice accompanied by several small dishes with crab for just 1690 yen. Check it out some time.

Just after lunch, the meat delivery guy came to bring the weekly beef order. At Bondiya we use beef fillet steaks from Tasmania. They are a bit juicier and more tender than the usual Australian beef fillet. They are a bit more expensive, but taste excellent. At Bondiya, a steak with fries and garlic/soy sauce is 1200 yen and goes very good with a glass of red house wine (500 yen per glass or 1790 per bottle).

Steak and fries

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A few weeks ago it was Sean’s birthday and he had 2 parties on 2 different days at Bondiya. Happy birthday, sir. Both days ended with quite a few beers and karaoke. I’m already looking forward to your next birthday.
Here also some random food pictures I took.

Last Tuesday, it was Tomomi and Ryota’s wedding. We used to work together in Bon Vivant and Ryota was one of my first Japanese friends when I came to Ise in 2002. Both Tomomi and Ryota worked for years at Bondiya and Ryota now produces salt that he sells all over Japan. This “homemade” seasalt is prepared in a traditional way and will soon be available at Bondiya, with more details about it as well.
The wedding party was at Bout-en-train and all the old staff from Bon Vivant was there. It was great to see everybody again and catch up. Some people totally changed their proffesion, but most of them are still working in restaurants. Ryota and Tomomi, congratulations and a lot of love.
After the party and loads of good wine, we had a third party at Poni anela, the wine bar close to Geku shrine (community doro) on the second floor. Miho san has a nice selection of wines and her place has a great atmosphere. We had 2 more bottles there before heading home.

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Since we opened Bondiya last year, we became pretty close to the Fullbari people. They often come for a chat and a drink to Bondiya after work and we sometimes have some curry take-out. (we have the same day off). But Fullbari will close soon and move to a new location. This is good for them of course, but for us they will be far away and it will be difficult to drop by quickly. Fullbari will move to the area near Ise Jusco and they will open again on October the 20th. Please check out their new place and order some of that delicious naan and curry.

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We are looking for a new part time worker at the moment. We are looking for someone who can work on Thursday evenings (7-9), Sunday lunch (11-2) and dinner(6-9) and Monday evenings(7-9). If you are interested, please call Bondiya or drop in any time, for an appointment. So if you want to work about 10 hours a week, at a fun place, interesting customers, good food, etc. let us know. We hope to see you soon.

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Tomorrow is the last day of the Japanese summer holiday and Skye and Tiara have to go back to school on Thursday again. So, it’s time to do the final homework, find all books, bags, etc again and to clean up the house. When we were closed at Bondiya, on Tuesday nights, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings, we did all kinds of things in the past few weeks. We had a very nice barbeque on the beach in Nanbari (Shima) with a group of friends. We also went to Nagashima spaland, the movies, the river, soccer practice, Kobe and several other fun things. It was so hot. In Holland everyone is always complaining about the bad weather, but I guess here are people complaining about the heat and I am one of them. Still it is very hor every day here in Ise, but at least at night it cools down a bit. I love spring and fall in Japan.
We also went to a few good restaurants, in Kobe, and here in Ise. Anyway, here a few pics.

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Last Tuesday night it was party again. I first had dinner at Sachimaru, the isagaya (Japanese pub) near Bondiya. After a nice plate with “kochi”sashimi, I had tempura and vinagerd vegetables and horsemackerel. It was really good and I had a very nice chat with the owners. Of course accompanied by a few cold beers. They have a 7 week summer special with the beer only 390 yen per glass.

Tempura at Sachimaru

After a short break home, I went to Lakota, a bar in the yomise area with Nagachi. The owner, Saori,

Saori from Lakota

is very nice and we had wine, beer, whiskey and some snacks. It was fun.
After that we went to Daruma to finish the night, but sorry, no pictures available.

So, A few names you should remember when you go out in Ise:
Sachimaru: Tempura, beer and great owners.
Lakota: Beer, wine and fun.
Daruma: For when you still can walk. Nice staff, young clientele.

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