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Last week, Eriko and I went to the Japan Food expo in Tokyo in the Makuhari Messe. We left on Tuesday night by car and slept a bit in the morning. At 10:00 we met up with Aoki san, Bondiya’s alcohol delivery, and the first part of the day we strolled thru the Japan section. Every prefecture had it’s own area where food producers were promoting their products to exporters, wholesalers, restaurants, and other food industry people. It was very interesting to taste and see all these kind of products and we got loads of samples and leaflets. We are definitely use some of these ingredients. The second part of the day, we spent walking around the foreign products and different countries promotion stands. Here we could taste wine, beer, food, snacks and many other things. Eriko and I enjoyed tasting all kinds of wines. We met a lot of interesting people from many countries. At 3 we were exhausted and decided to go back. Next year again???

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We changed a few items on the dinner menu and a few more will change in the next few weeks.
We now have a cured ham salad in 2 sizes with some fresh vegetables and an Italian dressing. The small sized salad is 590 yen and the big one is 790 yen
We have a new, cheaper version of the makori as well. Get a glass of makori for just 600 yen now.
Also, we changed some of the pictures and the codes for the dishes. In March we’ll have 2 more new dishes coming up, a dessert on the blackboard and a new fruit cocktail line. Come and check it all out at Bondiya.

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At Bondiya we use rice for the lunch, nasi goreng, seafood reisotto, etc. Most of the rice we use comes from Eriko’s grandparents in Hamajima, Shima. This rice isn’t polished yet, so it has a brown color. Very healthy, but takes long to cook and digest, so there are these rice peeling machines all over town and for 100 yen, you can peel a 10 kg bag. The rice comes out polished and white. I believe they keep the brown skins for cattle feed and as a preservative for takenoko.
Last Wednesday, Skye helped with this months rice.

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The Bondiya menu has fried spring rolls on the menu and today a look on how we make them. Actually, you can put in all kinds of filling and let your your creativity (or left over vegetables in the fridge) take control. Think about shrimp and spinach, or some left over “yakisoba”.
We put in mince, bean sprouts, onion, mushrooms and rice noodles. First cook all these ingredients in a big fry pan.

I always put sweet chilli sauce, sambal (spicy Indonesian sauce) and soy sauce. Let this all cook for a while and place the mixture in a sieve, so all the fat can leek out. Also, before rolling the rolls, make sure the filling mixture is cooled down.

Now, it is time for some rolling. Place a few spring roll sheets on a dry work top and brush the top 2 sides with some egg. Place a nice spoonful filling in the centre and fold the 2 corners on the left and right to the centre. Then, roll the sheet from bottom to top. Make sure the sheet is tight around the filling and there shouldn’t be any cracks or holes (they’ll explode in the fryer).
Place the on a tray with plastic foil in between and freeze them or fry them. Enjoy.

A portion of 2 fried spring rolls accompanied by some sweet chilli sauce is just 490 yen and is good as a beer snack.

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On the far end of the Bondiya “tennant” building is Kanihisa. A restaurant that is specialised in crab dishes for more than 20 years. Their food is amazing and the owners are very nice. Crab is always an expensive product so dinner is a bit pricy, but the lunch set is very reasonable. We had tempura crab legs on rice accompanied by several small dishes with crab for just 1690 yen. Check it out some time.

Just after lunch, the meat delivery guy came to bring the weekly beef order. At Bondiya we use beef fillet steaks from Tasmania. They are a bit juicier and more tender than the usual Australian beef fillet. They are a bit more expensive, but taste excellent. At Bondiya, a steak with fries and garlic/soy sauce is 1200 yen and goes very good with a glass of red house wine (500 yen per glass or 1790 per bottle).

Steak and fries

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Smoked chicken salad




Seafood skewers

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