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From the 1st of February until the 9th, we were closed at Bondiya because I went back to my home country, the Netherlands, for a week. I hadn’t been back for almost 3 years and the main reason was to visit my Dutch family and friends. It was a very fast week with only 5 full days to enjoy, plus, it was the coldest week ever with -18 at night some days. But nevertheless, it was a great week and very much needed after December and everything that it brings with it.
I will post some pics, so you have an idea how Holland and the Dutch culture, food and people look like. If you have any questions, please post a comment.

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Updating the windows

Yes, we have to update our windows sometimes. We have the very nice colored “shoji” (rice paper shades) in front of the windows at Bondiya. They give the warm atmosphere and color to your lunch and are unique here in Ise. But, unfortunately, they are very weak and get dirty soon and kids really seem to like sticking their little fingers thru the paper. Last week we decided to replace a few. We just finished a set, when I accidentally broke the new shoji and we had to start all over again. Eriko wasn’t very happy about that. When we were finished, we realized that there is a bit of a color difference. Next time we have to do them all instead of just a few. Luckily you can’t see it at dinner time.

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Last night my friend Hisashi organised a performance dinner night for 20 people and several artists. We were first a bit worried about the typhoon that the party might be cancelled or just a few people showed up, but despite the weather, everyone came and the evening was a big succes. The guests had the 2000 yen group menu with dips and bread, cous cous salad, smoke chicken salad, oven grilled garlic shrimps, nasi goreng, chicken sate, mince schotel, porkfilet in mushroom cream sauce and ice-cream for dessert. Drinks were cash at the bar.
After dinner, the show started with a story teller and all kinds of jokes. The audience won a few prices. It was really funny.
Next was the juggler (Koyama san). He performed with balls, umbrellas, cones, bowling pins,etc.

The performance was fantastic and the crowd went wild. After every performance, the artists collected some coins, like street artists.
Next was the card trick guy. He did some very interesting tricks with card decks, and after the show, he continued and even Eriko and I were invited to participate in a trick.

The balloon artist was next and she truly made the most amazing creations in a few minutes while dancing and talking to the audience. For this special event, Skye and Tiara were at Bondiya as well to see everything and Skye got this enormous hat at the end of the show.

Finally, Hisashi himself had his act with apple juggling, a bit of magic, card tricks and Mister Kinki jiji. Mr kinkijiji was wearing a gold suit and was driven in in his wheel chair. He could draw and color a whole book in just a few seconds. It was very funny and a spectecular end to the evening.

It was a great evening. If you are interested in the performers or in a private party at Bondiya, please let us know.

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Just to remind you.

In a few weeks, Bondiya will be open for 1 year. On the 5th of June to be exact, we will be celebrating our first year of hard work, hot kitchens and hundreds of great memories. We want to thank you for coming and make it all happen, so in that week of our anniversary, we have this fantastic offer.

On June 6th (Monday) and June 9th (Thursday) all drinks are 50% off and all food 30% off.

This great offer has a few details you should check out.

Opening times: 17:30 until 00:00 (23:30 L.O.)

All drinks are 50% off, except wines (bottles)(house wine by the glass is available for half price).

This offer is not available at lunch time. We serve the usual lunch.

We expect quite a few people, so unfortunately, these 2 evenings reservations are not available. There might be a waiting time.

This offer is only available for 2 hours per table from the moment the first order is made. After 2 hours, prices go back to normal.

During these evenings, photos might be taken for promotional purposes and this blog. If you don’t want your photos to be published, please notify us that evening.

We hope that you, as our highly appreciated guests, help us spreading the word and introduce us to your friends and families and take this special occasion to bring new people to Bondiya.

Thank you and we hope to see you on either the 6th or 9th (or sooner).

Pim and Eriko

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A year ago we were in full preparation for the opening of Bondiya. I can’t believe a year goes by so fast.

In March 2010 we found the current location and it was very different from what it is now. Before us there was a sushi restaurant established in our location, and the owner moved to Tokyo to start a restaurant there. Still we sometimes have his customers coming in asking what happend.

The first thing we did was removing all the wallpaper, flooring and ceiling. We reorganised the layout, Eriko’s father did all the carpenters work, and then it was time to put in new flooring, ceiling and wallpaper. We finished with the walls, covering them in a sort of clay material, and painting the woodwork. When this was all finished, we had to go shopping for furniture, kitchen stuff, plates, glasses, etc,etc. and putting everything in it’s right place. After the final cleaning, it was time for the menu test cooking. We had 2 dinner and a lunch pre open test, and after this we realised we still had quite a lot to do. After that, 2 final days off, to spend some time with the kids and then it was opening time. Saturday June 5th, loads of flowers and presents arrived in the morning from all our friends and relatives. That was great.

I was very surprised when later in the evening I stepped outside for a minute and realized all flowers were stolen. I went in panic to Eriko, but she explained that it is custom in Japan that opening day flowers are free to take for anyone. It brings good luck.

Opening night was still the busiest day so far, with 67 guests.

Now, 1 year later, it looks like yesterday, but so many things happened in between. The first 3 weeks I can’t even remember. The Worldcup soccer, obon,ITV, bonenkai, Christmas, osechi, New Year, Golden week. All the birthdays, private parties. Most of my old Y’s students dropped by. Eriko’s old friends and co-workers. All the other restaurant/bar owners in Ise. And we made so many new friends. Thank you all for our first fantastic year. We hope to see you again in our second year at Bondiya.

Check out the previous post about the 50% off drinks and 30% off food on June 6th and June 9th.

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Here a picture of my son, Skye, earning his pocketmoney by lighting the candles just before opening time at night.

Skye and the candles

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