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For April we have onion soup or tomato soup and 3 other small appetizers on the starter plate.
The 3 options for main dish are.
1. Nasi goreng with chicken sate (Both from the night menu)

2. Fish of the day sauteed with paprika salsa and spinach.

3.Shoarma in pita bread with garlic mayo.


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Grilled chicken with pumpkin pancakes and wine sauce.

Salmon, marinated in maplesyrup with a mizuna/tofu salad

Panini filled with fried fish, cabbage, garlic mayo and fries

Panini with fried fish, aioli and fries on the side.

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January’s soup choices are Pumpkin soup or Onion soup
Main choices are;
1 A juice hamburger with demi glace sauce, spinach/mashed potatatoes.

2.Fish of the day, sauteed and served on leeks in cream and bacon.

3. A mushroom/cheese omelette on toast.

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This month we have pumpkin soup or Chinese cabbage soup to choose from at the starter plate.
The choices of the 3 main dishes are;
1. Pork fillet with mushroom cream sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and butter steamed spinach.

2. Fish, seafood and vegetables, wrapped in aluminium foil and then steamed. Everything is cooked in its own juices. Very tasty.

3. Panini bread topped with “caprese”, tomato, mozarella, basil and ham.

Lunch hours are from 11:30~13:30 on Thu, Fri, Sun, Mon and Tue.
Lunch is 1150 yen and 1350 for coffee and ice-cream included.
Every month new dishes.

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This month we’ll have carrot/curry soup or cabbage/milk soup to choose from accompanied by a fresh salad and 2 other starter dishes and these 3 dishes for main.
1. Dutch oven dish; mashed potatoes, spiced minced meat, eggplant and cheese, grilled in the oven. Nice on a cold afternoon.

Dutch "gehakt schotel"

2. The oyster season has started again. Fried oysters and fried fish of the day with a generous cabbage salad and garlic mayonnaise.

3. Panini bread with smoked chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato and herb mayonnaise.

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