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From this week we’ll have a new beer on the blackboard. It’s a Belgian cherry beer from the Haacht breweries not too far from Brussels.
This sweet, fruity beer is made with cherries and has 3.5% alc. A bottle at Bondiya is 500 yen, served in the original Mystic beer glass.

This beer is quite sweet and is comparable to, for example, cassis soda. It is not a really strong beer and doesn’t have much of the bitterness like normal beer, so even if you don’t like beer that much, we still recommend this beer.


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For April we have onion soup or tomato soup and 3 other small appetizers on the starter plate.
The 3 options for main dish are.
1. Nasi goreng with chicken sate (Both from the night menu)

2. Fish of the day sauteed with paprika salsa and spinach.

3.Shoarma in pita bread with garlic mayo.


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Number 3: Ham salad

Number 2: Nachos


Number 1: The soup of the month (March) was mustard soup and very popular.
No image available, sorry.

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We changed a few items on the dinner menu and a few more will change in the next few weeks.
We now have a cured ham salad in 2 sizes with some fresh vegetables and an Italian dressing. The small sized salad is 590 yen and the big one is 790 yen
We have a new, cheaper version of the makori as well. Get a glass of makori for just 600 yen now.
Also, we changed some of the pictures and the codes for the dishes. In March we’ll have 2 more new dishes coming up, a dessert on the blackboard and a new fruit cocktail line. Come and check it all out at Bondiya.

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The next few weeks we’ll have Grolsch beer on the blackboard for just 840 yen. We had it before and was very popular, so we’ll have it on the menu again for a few weeks. Grolsch is a Dutch beer that is slightly more bitter than regular beers and comes in a cool re-closable bottle (450ml).
In the picture, Eriko just brings in a fresh case of Grolsch.
Also on special this month are the fried oysters. At the moment the oysters are big and juicy and served with the garlic mayonnaise and a cabbage salad, a very good extra dish to the normal menu. Excellent with a Grolsch beer. A plate with 6~8 fried oysters is 990 yen.
The soup for the month March is mustard soup. We had this on the lunch menu in February and was very popular. The Bondiya mustard soup isn’t spicy or sharp in taste, but is hearty and smooth. 590 yen for a (big) bowl.

Fried "Momotori" oysters

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At the moment we have a few specials besides the normal menu.
-Creamy pumpkin soup (also on the lunch menu starter plate in December) for 590 yen .
-Fried Momotori oysters with a cabbage salad and garlic mayonnaise for 990 yen.
-Grolsch beer, beer from my hometown in a cool flip top 450 ml bottle. Probably the best beer in the world, for 840 yen.

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It finally cooled down a bit. Those hot, humid days are getting less frequent and it is actually a bit cold tonight. Fall has started. There was this big typhoon a few days ago with loads of rain and we had a little flooding at Bondiya again, but not too serious. With the summer behind us, we are getting ready for a new season with new things at Bondiya. A special wine weekend is coming up, a few new dishes on the menu and October will have a new lunch menu again. Also, we are slowly starting to think about Christmas, bonenkais and osechi. We are building up to the end of the year.
If you are planning an end of the year party or just a party with your friends or collegues, think about Bondiya. We have very interesting private parties for bigger groups on good value. Menus start from 2000 yen (15 people or more), 2500, 3000, 3500,etc, and all you can drink offers as well. Please contact us for reservations, inquiries or availability.
Osechi will be another big thing for us. Every year we sell these new years boxes for 13.500 yen. They are stuffed with all kinds of Bondiya favorites accompanied by a baquette and optional Bondiya wine.
Soon more information and pictures about osechi.

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