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It is Obon again. The second time since we are open. It is always good to see that our guests at Bondiya are having a good time with their old friends who all come home to Ise and celebrate with family and friends. We had quite a few of these little parties this weekend and hopefully tomorrow, too, to finish the obon weekend. Another 2 weeks and the normal life starts again for the schoolkids. Our children are having a good time. Eriko and I are working a lot, but when we have some time, we always do some things together. We went to the pool, sea and river. Skye had a big football tournament. Last Tuesday we went to Kobe to meet some old friends and to do some shopping. It was very nice, but so hot. We went to Ikea and to Costco. Costco is this big American discount supermarket with all kinds of products. It was great to buy mango juice, mozarrella cheese and olives or big avocadoes, Australian beer and Snickers. So much stuff and so many people there.
Next Wednesday, we are going to Nanbari beach (Hamajima) with some friends to have a big BBQ and swim, etc.

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