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please check our new website. still under construction but almost finished.



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Normal opening times Bondiya;
Lunch; Thu, Fri ,Sun, Mon, Tue from 11:30 until (L.O.) 13:30
Dinner; Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, from 18:00 until (L.O.) 23:30

!!November 22 (Tue), 23 (Wed), and 23 (Thu) we are CLOSED!!
!!December 27 (Tue), 28 (Wed), OPEN!!
!!December 30 (Fri), 31 (Sat) and January 1 (Sun), CLOSED (osechi)!!
!!January 2 (Mon), 3 (Tue) Lunch closed, Dinner OPEN!!

If you are planning a bonenkai, Christmas party or any other event, please make a reservation. Call 0596-29-1168.
We have special private party rates including nomihoudai and food. Please contact us for more details.

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So here a post with Bondiya info

Openingtimes: Lunch 11:30-14:00 (last order 13:30)

Dinner 18:00-00:00 (last order 23:30)

Closed on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday all day.

We are available for private parties on any day. Please call to get more info or reservations.

Special opening/closing times in December.

22 December open lunch and dinner (Wednesday)

23, 24 and 25 special Christmas menu lunch and dinner. (reservation for more than 4 people, 1  bottle housewine free)

28 and 29 December open for lunch and dinner (Tuesday/Wednesday)

30 and 31 December closed (due to osechi preparations) (Thursday/Friday)

1and 2 January open for dinner only.

3 until 13 January closed for winter holiday.

From Thursday 13 January normal opening times again.


516-0804 Mieken

Ise city


Nagaya 1963

Tel: 0596-29-1168

E-mail: bondiya.ise@gmail.com


Bondiya is available for private parties, year end parties, nijikai, family dinners, birthday parties, etc.

We have special menus for larger groups that will serve the best dishes of bondiya served on the table or buffet style.

The cheapest food only menu starts at 2000 yen per person (from 12 people), 2500, 3000, 3500 (for any group).

All included (food menu and 2 hour free drink (with a few exceptions) from 5000 per person.

Please call for more info.


Lunch menu changes every month: 1150 yen

*Starter plate with 3 items and soup (2 options)

*Meat main dish*


Fish main dish*   (*includes mini baquette or rice)


Bread main dish

*plus 200 yen ice-cream and coffee or tea (hot or cold)


When you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or would like to make a reservation, please contact us on 0596-29-1168 or  bondiya.ise@gmail.com (in English or Japanese).






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