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So, as some of you might know, I used to be (and still am at home) an English teacher at Y`s Laboratory here in Ise. I worked there a bit over 8 years and had a great time there. I taught so many different people and with all of them I became friends, some closer than the other and some for a few months while others for the whole period I was there. This is what I miss the most about teaching, meeting all these people and getting them to know little by little and see their progress. I also miss the kids and all their funny and interesting things and smiles. At Y`s there were so many different co-workers as well. Language teachers, dance teachers, music, calligraphy, computer, flower arranging, etc. I learned so much from all these great people and Yuka (Cindy). Y`s is really a culture school, not just for the students.

In the time I worked in Y`s Laboratory, some of the most important events in my life happend, too. For example, I got married in 2002, my daughter Tiara was born on 2003, my son Skye in 2005, our new house in 2005, countless visits from relatives and friends from all over the world and several unforgetable trips to Europe and Asia as well. While I was in Y`s I was still busy with cooking, too. The first 4 years I worked part-time at Bon vivant (the famous French restaurant near Geku and Ise station) and I gave cooking lessons for 3 years in Heart plaza, too. I had great times at these places and learned a lot about Japanese culture and Japanese.

One of the things I really liked about teaching English was that most of my classes started in the afternoon, so I could stay up late (I usually finished at 22:00 anyway) and sleep in in the morning. Wow, it has been a while since I slept in.

Last year, Eriko and I decided we really wanted to start a restaurant. Already for years we were playing with the idea, but we never really took any real steps to make it happen, until we came across our current location. Well, yes, it is a bit small and not the most charming building in the world, but good enough to start with. When I first saw the place, I fell in love with the big windows and all the light that comes in in the afternoon. There is a nice little garden,too. We had to change a lot and thanks to Erikos father, the place is what it is now (Erikos father is a carpenter).

So, we opened on June 5th after 3 months of preparations. Opening day was fantastic. We got so many flowers and gifts, positive reactions and a lot of great customers. Soon after the opening, the world cup football started and it was great to watch several matches at the restaurant, with the highlight Japan-Holland. Great evening and Holland won of course and ended up runner up by losing to Spain in the final. (Andres Iniesta is still not welcome in Bondiya).

Now, we are open for almost half a year. Time goes so fast. I got used to my new life pretty fast. Getting up early and soon going to work and start with the daily routine. Fish shop, prep, lunch, prep, nap, pick up the kids, shopping, our dinner, dinner time until 00:00, clean up, go home, bath,bed and that 6 days a week. Busy, busy, busy. Even though there aren`t always that many customers, there is always something to prepare or clean.

The things I really like about having your own restaurant are, for example, a full restaurant when all orders come at the same time or later in the evening when some “bar” customers come by and we have a drink together. Also going to the fish shop is fun, cooking dinner with my children, an old student coming for lunch or diner, catching up with regulars, planning next months lunch menu, etc. In other words, it is fantastic to have your own restaurant ( only a few more customers would be nice)

So, teaching is and was a very interesting job which I really enjoyed, but my heart still lies in cooking and hopefully I can continue this for a long time.


P.S. recently we have a bit of a parking problem. When you come by car to Bondiya and the parking is full, Please come in and we`ll help you finding a spot. our excuses forthis inconvenience



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